Thursday, 18 July 2013

Just a quick update on a few SMART repairs carried out recently. 

VW Golf with dented rear bumper, this was heated and reshaped the scratch repaired and sprayed.

LANDROVER Key scratch on front wing. The scratch was sanded out and repaired then resprayed.

SEAT front wing dented, the dent was pulled out and a very light skim of filler applied although it looks a different colour it was the time difference between photo’s and was almost dark by the time I had finished.

PEUGEOT rear door had been scraped along a post in the process denting and scratching it, the dent was pulled out and a light skim of filler applied and shaped, then of course repainted time taken approx 4 and a half hours

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Workwear Trousers

Having tried RTY Workwear Utility Trousers I find they are OK for a budget work pair but I personally find Dickies work trousers to be better.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bumper Scuffs and Scratch Repairs
Bumper scuffs and scratches can be very annoying especially if you haven’t done it! 

Front Bumper Scrape
 Someone may have collided with your car or an innocent looking post or static object has decided to jump out in front of you. You could curse your luck and try and touch it in with a readily available touch up pen, but in my experience these only serve as a protector of the bodywork underneath to prevent it rusting etc and don’t tend to blend in very well.

Maybe you can live with that but most people want the repairs to be invisible especially if your selling your car.  Potential buyers will also want the car to be perfect so then you will need it looking better than potential competitors selling the same car, you need it to stand out!
Front Bumper Scrape Repair

This is where I can help in ‘righting a wrong’ and repairing the front or rear bumper or  wing, wing mirror, wheel arch etc. The type of service I offer is called a 'SMART' repair, this means a small to medium area repair technique, all I ask is access to a power supply to run my mobile workshop/compressor/heat lamps.

I will come to you and save you losing your car to a bodyshop for 3 days plus. I can usually complete a typical repair in around 3 hours.

Typically most bumper repairs come into this category.  I offer a free estimate and after agreeing a price and date will arrive at your home or place of work. I will take a reading from your cars paint with a special piece of equipment called a Spectrometer, connect it to my computer which will analyse and give me a perfect match of your cars paintwork. I will mix the paint needed to complete your repair prior to starting.

Rear Bumper Scrape/Scratch
The bumper, wing etc to be repaired will be assessed and repaired accordingly.
I can repair all types of scratches, scuffs and repair splits in the bumper as well, thus saving on having a new bumper fitted at a fraction of the cost of a new one. It will then be painted followed by lacquer to give a lasting shine, this is then baked and polished. The car can then be driven straight away. If you want to wash the car it is recommended to just wash with a warm soapy water initially to let the lacquer fully harden.

Rear Bumper Scrape/Scratch Repair

Other repairs carried out:

Please contact me (Steve) for a free estimate:  07825 323131 or visit my website for further pictures and information.